How to find us

Location Information

Our office is located in Jacksonville at 3851 Coopers Lake Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32224.

Our mailing address is:  3851 Coopers Lake Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32224..

Facilities Information

Our corporate office houses the offices of our principals, Janice F. and William L. Young, and has storage for equipment/response supplies & teaching materials.



Organic Vapor Analyzers - FID (Foxboro 108, ThermoMicroFID) and PID (Hnu IS PI-101, Mini-RAE)

Gas Detection Meters - TMX 412, Mini-RAE, PhD Plus, Omni-400)

Air Sampling Pumps - Gilian, Sesidyne, SKC pumps with tube, cassette holders & cyclones, Gastr 1532 High Flow pump, Gilibrator 2 Bubble Airflow Calibrator

Mold Air Sampling Pumps - SKC Air-O-Cell, Quicktake 15 and Gilian/Sensidyne/Drager Colorimetric Tube Pumps

Indoor Air Quality Monitors -Testo Carbon Monoxide, VWR Humidity, Dixon Relative Humidity/Temperature Recording, TSI VelociCalc, Alnor Thermo-Anemometer, Kestrel 4000 Weather Meter, SKC Moisture Meters

GPS - Garmin e-Tex Vista, Lowrance Global NAB

Sound Meters - Larson-Davis Datalog Dosimeters, Quest Model 2900 Integrating Sound Meter

Light Level Meter - Testo Model 545 Datalogging Light Meter, DayStar Solar Radiation Sensor

Communication - Cobra Professional Radios (5 mile range)

Field Equipment - Coleman & Honda Pressure Washers, Peterbilt 1000 Watt Generator, Inverters, 500 Watt Portable Lights, 14' Hand Augers, Portable Eyewash, Survey Wheels, Safety Harnesses, Leg Guards, Life Preservers, Spot Lights, Revolving Safety Lights

Well/Surface Water Sampling Meters - ColePalmer/Orion 201 pH Meters, Myron pH/Conductivity Meters, LaMotte Model 2008 pH/Turbidity Meter, ColePalmer RS232 Water Analyzer Multi-probe, YSI & Horiba Dissolved Oxygen Meters, YSI SCT Model 33 Meter 

Other - Boroscope, UV Light, AirCheck Kits, Braun ThermoScan Thermometer, Zircon Ultrasound Dimensioner,